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Petition published by Brian Vs Time on Feb 13, 2005
We, the undersigned, petition for Marvel Enterprises and Regency Films to create a quality, two-disc/Director's Cut version of "Elektra" (2005). It is worthy of such a release and we, the fans, will surely purchase such a DVD moreso than one with minimal features.... more
Petition published by Brian Vs Time on Feb 13, 2005
The undersigned hereby request that Cinegroupe and Big Wolf III Prods create a DVD set of "Big Wolf on Campus" for distribution because it is a wonderful show worthy of DVD release.... more
Petition published by Jane Bruck on Feb 12, 2005
The purpose of this petition is to make Butler University's Student Government Association aware of the large amounts of college students and Hanson fans who want to see Hanson booked for their college lecture tour.... more
Petition published by Shawn Moody on Feb 11, 2005
We, the undersigned, say Save Rainbow... more
Petition published by Jack Henson on Feb 06, 2005
After the complete disappointment of ticket sales for the Atlanta Widespread Panic shows we as fans are petitioning that at least one more show be added in Atlanta at the beginning spring tour.... more
Petition published by Craig Gallagher on Feb 04, 2005
We, the undersigned fans of decent film, would like to petition Uwe Boll to consider retiring from the film industry.

Please Uwe Ball, consider what we ask and allow some creative people... more
Petition published by Kristie Peterson on Feb 02, 2005
Sign This To Abolish Simpson... more
Petition published by Cameron on Feb 01, 2005
If you live in Brisbane and have not yet purchased tickets or couldn't get tickets to see Kylie in her 2nd show, could you please sign to see Kylie in a 3rd and Final... more
Petition published by Jonathan Downie on Jan 27, 2005
We the members of protest the recent treatment in the distribution of tickets. As part of membership to the website, we were given the promise of access to tickets to your show. This promise of access fell far short. Not enough tickets were allotted... more
Petition published by Andrew Gardner on Jan 27, 2005
We the fans of Marty Sheargold and his On-Air reading of Cloud St or any other book that he chooses to read, Petition Triple M to allow Marty to continue to read... more