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Petition published by D Choy on Oct 11, 2006
We, the undersigned, ask Olympus Fashion Week to consider adopting the same standards recently instated in Madrid. Models should be measured using the body mass index (BMI, based on weight and height), encouraging them to maintain a healthy BMI -- 18.25 to 25... more
Petition published by Alanna Baker on Oct 05, 2006
We, the undersigned, do hereby encourage a wide release of your new film, Shadow Puppets. As fans of the genre and more than a few of the actors, we wish for their hard work, not to mention that of the director Michael Winnick and all crew members, to be given the... more
Petition published by Creative Economy Pty Ltd on Oct 01, 2006
We, the undersigned, support an import ban into Australia of products purporting to be Australian Indigenous or Indigenous style, artefacts, artworks and... more
Petition published by Chris on Sep 29, 2006
We, the undersigned, call on Yahoo to revert back to their old player and... more
Petition published by mikisan on Sep 22, 2006
Hondas were given away on the show. We feel Dilana coming in as second place winner should have received one.

Give Dilana a... more
Petition published by rohini on Sep 21, 2006
hi guyz,

remix made an everlasting image and relation with us in last two years.... and it s a part of our lives now.. though it has ended but... more
Petition published by Gail on Sep 18, 2006
We, the undersigned, would love Breaking Benjamin to tour... more
Petition published by Scott Cameron on Sep 08, 2006
We want to get Katie back to Adelaide.

(Please leave your name, and maybe a comment, so this can be passed onto Katie's... more
Petition published by t on Aug 24, 2006
We, the undersigned, want Chris Brown's concert, Toronto to still happen on the schdueled date or sometime later in the... more
Petition published by The Track Master on Aug 21, 2006
We, the undersigned, agree to help The Track Master in his attempt to rid television and theater of logo... more