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Petition published by Lorenzo on Jul 30, 2005
We want George Lucas to realize an extra-saga episode on Han Solo's... more
Petition published by Laura Mazerall on Jul 28, 2005
By signing this petition you are saying that Lars Ulrich, the drummer of Metallica, should call me on the day of my 18th Birhday, May 19, 2006. Please, please, join me in this effort. The ultimate goal is rather dumb to most people, but to me it would mean a lot. So just... more
Petition published by Connor on Jul 25, 2005
We, the undersigned, want Hilary back in... more
Petition published by Connor on Jul 25, 2005
We, the undersigned fans of the Nickelodeon show Spongebob Squarepants, would like to petition it's creator Steven Hillenburg, Nickelodeon and Viacom Internationational Inc. to reconsider cancelling this funny and unique show.... more
Petition published by Jason Cuffe on Jul 22, 2005
Petition published by Rob on Jul 22, 2005
We, the following names, ask Rolling Stone magazine to consider Kelly Clarkson for the cover of an upcoming... more
Petition published by Mark on Jul 21, 2005
Force Chris Cortez to stop cutting his hair (butchering for that matter) and bring back the beloved... more
Petition published by kiela on Jul 17, 2005
Neopet Cheats no... more
Petition published by Naomi on Jul 12, 2005
Please bring back the classic 80's cartoon shows we all used to watch as... more
Petition published by Melissa on Jul 07, 2005
This is for all Summerland fans. We love the show and want to save... more