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Petition published by Margaret on Mar 03, 2006
We sign this petition to keep the WB's show Gilmore Girls on TV past a 6th and 7th season.

We would be very mad and hearbroken if the show was... more
Petition published by Mark on Mar 02, 2006
Please sign to show your approval towards the production of "Fences," an all black play by August Wilson depicting the life of a 1950's middle class, black family trying to survive through finance, broken hearts, and... more
Petition published by ramonathompson on Feb 24, 2006
I hereby ask that be shut down and forced to cease all actions online such time as rules concerning unjust bannings and mods be agreed upon and enforced by those who sign this petition, creater of said petition, and creators of more
Petition published by verheyde on Feb 23, 2006
Nous sommes nombreux à regretter qu'Isabelle Charles Charles ne soit plus du corps professoral de la Star Academy.

Elle a une méthode de travail qui fait ses preuves et une excellente... more
Petition published by Kenneth Fan on Feb 07, 2006
We, the undersigned, petition for the removal of Seating Facilities for Concerts at S'pore Indoor Stadium.... more
Petition published by Hannah McGahan on Feb 07, 2006
Please sign this petition and get John BACK on Dancing On... more
Petition published by Tibby on Jan 26, 2006
Sign to keep Dog Chapman... more
Petition published by Bruce Helmick on Jan 21, 2006
We want people who were disappointed with madagascar to help make this project... more
Petition published by Evan Cumming on Jan 16, 2006
Dear Work Outers (Or Future)

Would you like the original Firm videos on DVD?? Well this is your chance. Sign this and we could have it by Christmas! Away with the... more
Petition published by hana on Jan 13, 2006
We want the gathering of the juggalos in... more