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Petition published by Nikki Childs on Aug 27, 2007
We, the undersigned, would like a web page set up for Chris Corcoran so that we can find information about gigs he is doing and projects he is involved in easily.... more
Petition published by Matthew on Aug 26, 2007
Sign this to to make Greeny shave that massive head, HE IS A... more
Petition published by Dylan on Aug 26, 2007
There should be a second season of the anime series Is there a second season to the anime... more
Petition published by Mayank on Aug 25, 2007
Please give wild card entry to... more
Petition published by ruben on Aug 25, 2007
Dear Microsoft gaming studios,

I'm a big F1 (Formula 1) racing fan so when I heard there was a game about F1 I was really excited but then I noticed that the game was... more
Petition published by ShadowMage on Aug 25, 2007
Plz sign the petition!!

Vote for Dragonball Af to... more
Petition published by Dylan on Aug 22, 2007
We want a 3rd season of Zero no... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Aug 21, 2007
We, The Undersigned, Call On The Creators Of Life On Mars To Write Another... more
Petition published by Hannah on Aug 19, 2007
We, the High School Musical lovers out here, disagree with High School Musical Concerts wasting paper with confetti blows. It is a big waste of paper across the country and they need to be... more
Petition published by Christina Barr on Aug 15, 2007
"You must be 14 or under to enter."

This quote has kept me from being eligible to many contests that have sounded quite appealing.... more