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Petition published by Gareth Edwards on Jul 06, 2008
For ALL Doctor Who Fans!

Please sign the petition to try and bring back Jenny, the Doctors Daughter, and help the BBC see she deserves her own Spin-Off or at... more
Petition published by logan on Jul 02, 2008
Do you want a cool animated avatar? sign here to try and get them!

Hilary Fan Let Us Use Animation... more
Petition published by Theresa Johnson on Jun 30, 2008
I am asking you to sign this petition requesting our city leaders to put a clause in the contract when they are "renting" out the a park for a public venue, that will allow the patrons to bring thier own bottled water and or ice if they choose to do so.... more
Petition published by Katy on Jun 30, 2008
How many of you would like the jonas brothers to come to the U.P.? Because i certainly do?

If you do, sign this petition and also tell all your friends. I need... more
Petition published by Betty on Jun 30, 2008
Please DO NOT take the Disney characters away from the Liberty Tree Tavern in Walt Disney World in Florida.

It's a delightful experience and everyone should have the chance to... more
Petition published by Blair Metcalf on Jun 30, 2008
I, the undersigned, urge you, Peter Garrett, Federal Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts, to please help fund this amazing and valuable project in Western Australia before it closes down due to lack of... more
Petition published by The Tri Tech on Jun 26, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on Telstra Corporation & Apple Corporation to negotiate a deal in which would allow Telstra to sell and operate the 3G iPhone on their network in... more
Petition published by Marta Bercy on Jun 25, 2008
Tedancari present the Spectacle "Africando"
The Tedancari Company presents the Spectacle "Africando" in 2008.... more
Petition published by Loandra on Jun 23, 2008
We {all menudo fans} need to get menudo to miami with "SMILE ACROSS AMERICA TOUR" so pelase help us out to get more signatures so our petition can be heard!... more
Petition published by Loandra on Jun 23, 2008
We {all menudo fans} want to get "menudo" to Miami with "Smile Across America Tour"It will mean everything to us if you help us out to bring them by signing this petition!...remember they have lots of fans down here, and we are dying to see them!... more