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Petition published by caroline on Oct 03, 2011
The horses are transported and slaughtered under terrifying and painful circumstances. They are crowded into trucks and shipped over long distances trips of up to several days”without access to food or water and with no ability to rest.... more
Petition published by Anne DiNucci on Oct 03, 2011
We, the undersigned are appalled at the slaughtering of our wolves. Please, reconsider your actions.

There were 51,000 cows killed in Oregon. Not one by a wolf. This... more
Petition published by RITSA ANESTOPOULOU on Oct 02, 2011
Σας παραθέτουμε μια από τις πολλές εκατοντάδες επιστολές που σαν σύλλογος λάμβάνουμε από τουρίστες , που επισκέπτονται τον όμορφο τόπο... more
Petition published by SCAN Foundation on Oct 02, 2011
Animals are being mistreated right under our noses and it is time we put a stop to it. The cruelty of the processes that 'employees' use to confine these animals is unacceptable and downright wrong.... more
Petition published by Alvin Yudistira on Sep 29, 2011
Yth. Bapak Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Presiden Republik Indonesia
Di tempat... more
Petition published by Rachel Morris on Sep 28, 2011
My petition, the aim is simple- overturn of the laughable punishments for such acts of animal cruelty.

Enforcement of bans from keeping animals permanently if they offend!... more
Petition published by Karina Rasmussen on Sep 25, 2011
Female pigs selected for breeding purposes in factory farms spend their entire lives indoors, and the majority of this time severely confined.... more
Petition published by Samantha on Sep 24, 2011
Please sign this petition to help me stop animal abuse.

It's about time things started to change for the innocent animals!... more
Petition published by amanda Vandenberghe on Sep 24, 2011
We the undersigned call on the city of Montreal to ban the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores.

Nous les soussignés faisons appel à la Ville de Montréal de bannir... more
Petition published by PuppyLove37 on Sep 21, 2011
We, the undersigned, call on the provincial government of Newfoundland and Labrador to revise the current provincial Animal Protection Act and impose harsher penalties against both first time and repeat offenders.... more