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Petition published by Animal Rights & Rescue Group & Grafton Animal Rescue on Dec 13, 2011
We are pleading for some help and support for our domestic animals here in Australia.

As many of you will know, every year over 250,000 dogs and cats are... more
Petition published by shermon burgess on Dec 12, 2011
We the people of Cooma will not consume Halal Meat from local business nor agree to the killing of animal's in a cruel torturous... more
Petition published by Natasha on Dec 06, 2011
We, by signing this petition, show our support for the World Wildlife Fund's save the polar bear... more
Petition published by Marc_V on Dec 04, 2011
Teken daarom deze petitie zodat we hiermee naar de toekomstige Minister van Dierenwelzijn en de bevoegde instanties kunnen stappen, om aan deze zaken een halt toe te... more
Petition published by Nicole on Dec 01, 2011
This will be going to Congress. Anyone and everyone who has any power in politics will be made aware of this, as horse slaughter must be stopped in... more
Petition published by LaQuisha on Dec 01, 2011
We, the undersigned, are respectfully requesting the removal of the property at 13 E 113TH STREET CHICAGO, IL 60628. The house on this property has been abandoned and SHOULD be declared unfit for living.... more
Petition published by Taylor Wright on Nov 29, 2011
Take action to help stop BSL against pit bulls and their relative breeds by signing this petition, spreading awareness, and protecting your dog's rights!... more
Petition published by Alley's Law on Nov 27, 2011
Our objective is to obtain more power in these types of animal neglect and cruelty cases, and for animal welfare organizations to be able to immediately seize other animals in danger of neglect or... more
Petition published by Isabelle on Nov 26, 2011
By signing this petition, you pledge to not eat shark fin soup, not support the practice of shark finning or eating shark fin soup, and will-to the best of your abilities- spread awareness of this multi-billion dollar industry which is destroying one of the most... more
Petition published by Animal Welfare Network Nepal on Nov 22, 2011
We, the undersigned, demand that twin elephants Ram and Laxman receive humane training in which they are handled with love and care.

We do not want to see them injured and traumatized.... more