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Petition published by Nicki Berdesi on Mar 02, 2012
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Απαιτούμε την άρση της παραγράφου 7, του άρθρου 5 του νέου νόμου (4039/2012) σχετικά με την δημοσίευση αγγελιών... more
Petition published by Gayl Deveney on Feb 26, 2012
We the undersigned appeal to Facebook to ban the sale of any living animals from their site and the groups that are currently engaging in this selfish and horrendous... more
Petition published by Andrew Kaplan on Feb 25, 2012
We, the undersigned veterinarians licensed and practicing in the state of new york, ask that Spot Experience Dog Daycare refrain from offering anesthesia-free dental cleanings to its client's dogs. There is a good reason this service is illegal in California (and... more
Petition published by Adela Luis on Feb 24, 2012
We the volunteers of K-9 For Love Dog Rescue, call on Miami-Dade Government Officials to allow our animals to remain in their 5-acre sanctuary in the Redlands area until a permanent home is found and they are adopted or until they die with dignity surrounded by loving... more
Petition published by Kayleigh on Feb 23, 2012
To save orca whales from captivity and get them back to the sea where they... more
Petition published by AFFOSNSW on Feb 21, 2012
We the public from New South Wales believe that free microchipping from every local council held every year would be greatly beneficial. This would stop people dumping animals and burdening pounds.... more
Petition published by ESDAW on Feb 20, 2012
We say - NO - to tourist countries and governments which fail to comply with animal welfare laws, and where regular cruelty to animals taking place without the government doing anything about it.... more
Petition published by ESDAW on Feb 15, 2012
The people of Europe - say NO - to China's blood money - we want to stop all trade with China, regardless of Europe's financial crisis. China does not respect human and animal rights and life.... more
Petition published by Vicki Marsh on Feb 12, 2012
We, the undersigned, are voicing our support for the creation of an off-leash, fenced-in dog park to be created in the Boyertown Area School District located in or near Boyertown,... more
Petition published by Giota Rizou on Feb 11, 2012
The Mayor of Serres Pavlos Aghelidis, who is actually a vet, has given the go-ahead to city employees so that they amass all strays from the streets using the cruelest ways.... more