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Petition published by Jamil Dyer on Apr 04, 2012
Please sign this petition to pass a law against illegal hunting and poaching of endangered animals to conserve the natural habitats of soon to be endangered... more
Petition published by Sandra Kovacevic on Apr 04, 2012
At the occasion of 'Stray Animals Day' (April, 4) we would like to remind our dear EU that an estimated 100 Million stray dogs and probably twice as much stray cats live in countries member of the European Union, and given that:... more
Petition published by NITINDEV MURACHPERSAD on Mar 31, 2012
God is coming.......... his dharma voice is vibrating in Nepal...... the prince are dharma is awakening... .

Let's live a wise... more
Petition published by Ele on Mar 29, 2012
The Siberian Tiger is an Endangered Species inhabiting mainly the Sikhote Alin mountain region with a small subpopulation in southwest Primorye province in the Russian Far East where their dense and waterproof coats are built to withstand the cold temperatures.... more
Petition published by Cecilia on Mar 28, 2012
If you are interested in helping us get a Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic, Please sign our... more
Petition published by Diana Lincoln on Mar 27, 2012
We the undersigned call on the City of Carlsbad, California and Taylor Morrison to halt any plans to disturb this date palm grove, which supports the wildlife and habitat of the nearby Batiquitos... more
Petition published by beppi on Mar 23, 2012
Λόγω της επικείμενης κατασκευής καινούργιου Αθλητικού Κέντρου κινδυνεύουμε να χάσουμε το ΚΑΤΑΦΥΓΙΟ των ΑΔΕΣΠΟΤΩΝ ΖΩΩΝ;... more
Petition published by Kim Forster on Mar 22, 2012
As responsible bird owners we need the option to take out Bird Insurance, yet we don't have this. We often pay more than cats and dogs for vet bills.... more
Petition published by Sonya on Mar 22, 2012
We, the people of Ontario including animal owners, animal lovers and members of the community call on the introduction of the elimination of Ontario Animal Protection Laws to be WITHDRAWN!... more
Petition published by Judith Robinson on Mar 22, 2012
We, the undersigned, respectively ask that Bank of America President and CEO Brian T. Moynihan "STOP" foreclosure proceedings and work with me, Judith Robinson-Pierce to modifiy my home loan in order to provide a much needed service of rescue, fostering and care giving... more