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Petition published by Mia Pennacchia on Apr 29, 2014
We the undersigned call on the Unifed States to make the declawing of cats illegal. It is cruel. It is abuse and we need to stop it.

In many countries it's already illegal as well as many states. Let's... more
Petition published by Rose Foster on Apr 28, 2014
We, the undersigned, are calling on the New Zealand Government to prevent the testing of any 'Legal Highs', on animals - big or... more
Petition published by Hayley morton on Apr 25, 2014
This petition has been made up to obtain signatures in helping to put forward to the Ministers of Environment of Australia, a petition for subsidising wildlife caring.... more
Petition published by Cooper Alexander on Apr 24, 2014
This goal is to ban shark finning, fishing for finning, and to ban the sale of any type of shark fin or anything that contains shark... more
Petition published by Friends of Sunder, the abused Temple Elephant on Apr 23, 2014
We the above signatories are petitioning PETA INDIA to do the right thing by providing Video of Sunder’s present living and health condition, proofing that he is still alive. In addition to also provide video tape of Sunder’s release and transportation followed... more
Petition published by Save Keller Gay on Apr 18, 2014
We would respectively like to ask for family, friends, and community support for Keller by signing your name to show you support Keller being able to reside in his home with his family where he belongs, because the housing authority thinks he poses a threat to employees... more
Petition published by lola on Apr 16, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on people around the world and the RSPCA, and Humane Society to take action to stop this animal... more
Petition published by MARIA BOLKA on Apr 11, 2014
ΥΠΟΓΡΑΨΤΕ & ΠΡΟΩΘΗΣΤΕ! Το e-mail σας μόνο χρειάζεται και υπογράφετε!

Το φαινόμενο της εγκατάλειψης των... more
Petition published by Cathleen Titus on Apr 10, 2014
"A.UNITE.A.A." (A United Nation Intended To End Animal Abuse ) .....Please read and Please join our fight to Washington D.C ... "ONE UNITED VOICE" .. Why do you continue to ignore the outcry of millions of people about animal abuse?... more
Petition published by liz on Apr 08, 2014
We the undersigned agree that Mud and Stinky should be saved!

In doing this we are also saving a person's... more