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Petition published by Giota Rizou on Feb 11, 2012
The Mayor of Serres Pavlos Aghelidis, who is actually a vet, has given the go-ahead to city employees so that they amass all strays from the streets using the cruelest ways.... more
Petition published by Giota Rizou on Feb 11, 2012
O δήμαρχος Σερρών, Παύλος Αγγελίδης, ο οποίος τυγχάνει και κτηνίατρος, έδωσε εντολή στα δημοτικά συνεργεία να μαζέψουν κακήν κακώς τα αδέσποτα... more
Petition published by Jane O'Callaghan on Feb 11, 2012
It is absolutely essential that a vaccine against just Myxomatosis remains available in the UK. Some Rabbits are unable to receive a VHD Vaccine based on their specific health issues or previous adverse reactions.... more
Petition published by Jill on Feb 08, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on Hamilton City Council and Hamilton Animal Control to make changes to the current practices at the shelter.

We would like you to follow the Calgary Model and end the killing of... more
Petition published by Occupy for Animals on Feb 06, 2012
Ministry of Agriculture, Water-Management and Forestry
Minister mr. sc. Damir LJubić
Titova 15, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH
Phone: +387 33 44 33 38... more
Petition published by Animal Welfare Network Nepal on Feb 06, 2012
We, the undersigned, urge the Government of Nepal to pass an Animal Welfare Act and provide much needed protection to Nepal's... more
Petition published by Julie DiPerna on Jan 27, 2012
We therefore call upon His Excellency, Presidente Rafael Correa, to assist with the release of Bubu by authorizing the military to provide the Superpuma... more
Petition published by greenhero on Jan 27, 2012
For the petland improve the life of animal who are in their petshop. They deserve to be in safe, with all they need ! They need people, who ready to take care not just for have money, but because they love animal.... more
Petition published by jade on Jan 24, 2012
Residents of wolverhampton call on wolverhampton city council to help fund an affordable way to spay/neuter... more
Petition published by Susan Wise on Jan 23, 2012
We would like to see the former BMX track area at Monroe Crossing park be reused and incorportated into our city park system as MonRover Park - an off-leash dog... more