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Petition published by A Voice for Children on Feb 20, 2009
Since Baby P's death it has been revealed that up to 4 children die every week in England from abuse or neglect and that child abuse is far more common than anyone could have imagined.... more
Petition published by kathlena on Feb 18, 2009
Petition published by Dina Calarco on Feb 17, 2009
On behalf of all the dogs and puppies imprisoned in puppy mills, please put an end to this heartbreak. Unfortunately, these dogs and puppies cannot speak for their rights and their cries are unheard except by those inflicting their pain. They need us to speak out for... more
Petition published by Maria Marques on Feb 13, 2009

Nós, abaixo assinados, tendo tido conhecimento de mais uma barbaridade repugnante cometida no Canil Municipal de Lisboa, que... more
Petition published by Lisa Bottcher on Feb 06, 2009
We support HB 451: GENERAL BILL by Randolph, Sterilization of Dogs and Cats:

The bill, Requires sterilization of dogs & cats of specified age;... more
Petition published by Rachel Harris on Feb 06, 2009
I am asking you to sign this petition so that we can stop most of the animal cruelty that happens in the world and i know all the adverts say this on TV bu with your help we really can stop animal cruelty and this is free.... more
Petition published by Beverley Thompson on Feb 05, 2009
To the electoral Members of the House of Representatives assembled in the Federal & State Parliaments:

The undersigned petitioners request:... more
Petition published by nicholas koo on Feb 05, 2009
Animal testing for cosmetics are a cruel thing to do to animals and many times result in deaths of the animal being tested on. Why should animals suffer for our needs?... more
Petition published by Gisele Maillet on Feb 02, 2009
If you support the idea of having a shelter in the Kent County area please support us by signing this petition and also if you have any comments about the Kent County Animal Rescue Group please share them here... more
Petition published by Kaitlyn on Feb 02, 2009
The KHKB foundation would like to ask the neighborhood and surrounding areas to sign this petition of grace and harmony for all who have... more