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Petition published by Jenny Cole on Mar 18, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on Gloucester City Council, to provide an Out Of Hours Dog Warden... more
Petition published by Tracie on Mar 17, 2009
We the undersigned would like a government review on the animal welfare act and for tougher terms to be imposed on those who inflict cruelty on animals.... more
Petition published by Lientje on Mar 12, 2009

Stop uitbuiting van dieren..! Stop Malafide dierenhandel in... more
Petition published by Olya on Mar 11, 2009
"Мы, нижеподписавшийся, обращаемся к 120 бригадам по отстрелу бездомных собак г. Москвы с просьбой устранить отстрел каждой бесхозной... more
Petition published by Suzie on Mar 10, 2009
By signing below you are helping save about 10 million cats and dogs in china that are inhumanely and unnaturally abused. All the animals lovers, imagine it were your pets and beloved companions and friends in those cages.... more
Petition published by QuietPimaCounty on Mar 06, 2009
Any person who keeps, owns or harbors a dog(s) shall be required to restrain the dog(s), whether inside or outside of the owner's or guardian's property, from prolonged, continuous and unwarranted barking and howling any time of the day or night, so as not to annoy... more
Petition published by Natalie on Mar 04, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on Governor Martin O'Malley to call off the brutal and unnecessary killings of mute swans in the Chesapeake Bay.... more
Petition published by Laura on Mar 03, 2009
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to stop the use of animals in UK circus, such as the Great British Circus.

Wild animals' needs can ever be met in circuses and that confinement,... more
Petition published by Shelley Landmark on Feb 28, 2009
We the undersigned call on the University of Wollongong to support a more compassionate way of egg production and follow the example of American Universities such as Harvard, Princeton and Berkeley, and the Australian example of the University of Newcastle by selling... more
Petition published by avril casper on Feb 25, 2009
I am urging people to please sign a petition to change the policies of the Hamilton/Wentworth shelter.

Firstly they must be open to the public for adoption.... more