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Petition published by Robin on Mar 19, 2011
We, the undersigned, are outraged that Youtube freely permits videos of atrocities against animals on its website rather than immediately releasing this footage to the FBI so that law enforcement can act swiftly in finding and prosecuting these criminals.... more
Petition published by Eleni on Mar 13, 2011
Ζητάμε από το Δήμο να αναλάβει δράση εφαρμόζοντας το Ν. 3170/03 και να στηρίξει τον Φιλοζωικό Όμιλο Καρδίτσας "Φιλοκάρδι" που τόσα χρόνια... more
Petition published by Sam Segreto on Mar 12, 2011
Animal abuse is a growing problem in this world and I will fight until it is stopped. Let's be the voice for these... more
Petition published by Triton on Mar 11, 2011
The reason why I made this petition is because Japan and ever other country in the world are cruel to Dolphin's and other Animals and its just horrible please sign this... more
Petition published by Angela Eeden Van on Mar 10, 2011
help us to convince the government in Russia to persuade animals to pass a law to be applied in the legal system. Let the killing of street dogs stop letting the government know that there are other solutions, such as sterilisation programs organize to stabilize the... more
Petition published by Ann Robinson on Mar 10, 2011
Petition published by spiros kiknas on Mar 09, 2011
Παρακαλώ υπογράψτε για να σωθούν τα αδέσποτα στο Δήμο Αχαρνών. Συμφωνα με την νομοθεσία, η φροντίδα των αδεσπότων αφορά τον εκάστοτε Δήμο.... more
Petition published by Victoria Salter on Mar 09, 2011
We, the undersigned, think that Sarah Whitehead should be released as soon as possible, and cleared of all charges.

If the dog had have been a child, she would not have been charged for... more
Petition published by Victoria Salter on Mar 08, 2011
We, the undersigned, call on Cancer Research UK to end all of it's animal "research" proggrammes. Because Bath Cancer Research do not test on animals and so there is no need for Cancer Research UK to do it. We will not donate to Cancer Research UK while they continue to... more
Petition published by Lena Schneider on Mar 04, 2011
I am asking for everyone to be a voice for these poor horses who have no choice, and sign this petition to end horse slaughter in Canada and keep horses in the stable and off the table.... more