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Petition published by Lucas on Jun 28, 2014
Stop rabbit cruelty and let them live their own peaceful life WITHOUT being... more
Petition published by Debbie Belcher on Jun 24, 2014
These police departments have left a trail of heartbroken, grieving and angry people in their wake. The reason for the shootings? One officer said it well when he was speaking of a dog he just shot, “they are in the way”. That is precisely what is happening. The... more
Petition published by Gabrielle Fritz on Jun 20, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the office of Harrisburg Pennsylvania to legalize the right to possess and own a hedge... more
Petition published by micheal e mclintock on Jun 19, 2014
Change the ban on pitbulls.

Stop waterford Pitbull... more
Petition published by Official Bobites on Jun 16, 2014
We the undersigned want action to be taken to provide security for unwanted animals and put an end to the law stating that a pet 'owner' can request that a healthy animal can be euthanised for no other reason than the animal is not... more
Petition published by Victoria Salter on Jun 15, 2014
We, the undersigned, call upon the UK Government to ban all forms of hunting, shooting included.

We ask that you do this in order to protect both animals and... more
Petition published by Claudia Damerau on Jun 14, 2014
Wir, die Unterzeichner, bitten die Stadt Iserlohn von jeglichen Repressionen gegenüber dem Tierheim Iserlohn abzusehen. Das Tierheim verdient die volle "Rückendeckung" der Gesellschaft und auch weiterhin finanzielle Unterstützung, um ihre wichtige Arbeit... more
Petition published by june on Jun 03, 2014
We the undersigned call for a stop to cruelty to animals in any form or way and bring these people to justice!

Organizations that work for human rights should be supported to stop... more
Petition published by Marcadies on May 22, 2014
Those who agree that animals should not be killed and sold to schools around the globe for dissection, sign your name and let's stop this unneeded... more
Petition published by Megan on May 20, 2014
We are determined to get the government to ban pesticides not just for health reasons but for the bees because bees are our main pollinators, as bees make many ingredients for... more