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Petition published by tracey panas on Mar 14, 2014
We want Tilikum to be released back into the wild after 22 years of... more
Petition published by Munson deVries on Mar 12, 2014
We, the undersigned supporters of Munson, call on Renee and Al to allow Munson to the... more
Petition published by Robert Byrne on Mar 12, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Apple Inc. to immediately remove the app "Seals Helpers" from its website and discontinue the app for download as it promotes lies about the Canadian seal... more
Petition published by AnnaCate on Mar 09, 2014
I pledge to save animals and their rights for living free without violence in their lives. I pledge to never hunt animals unless its for the best.... more
Petition published by Kairee Blackwood on Mar 05, 2014
I, the undersigned, call on the Western Australian Government to eliminate the Shark Cull Policy, also known as the 'shark mitigation strategy'.... more
Petition published by sam harmon on Mar 01, 2014
We, the undersigned, do ask for the Maryland Legislative Branch to take action upon receiving this request by allowing the legalization of a Gamecock Harvesting Industry in the state of... more
Petition published by nikki kirton on Mar 01, 2014
We the community of Sun Peaks , request the elimination of any proposed or existing mandatory dog leash law , on the dog friendly trails.... more
Petition published by sophie Riva on Feb 28, 2014
Stop deceiving, damaging and disgusting behavior against Thai elephants.

Help save the... more
Petition published by sophie Riva on Feb 28, 2014
We-the people with a sense of justice and humanity request that the elephants being tortured for the entertainment of humans to be banned. Anything less will not... more
Petition published by Sarah E. Hagwood on Feb 23, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on Pat McCrory to put a stop to this inhumane treatment of these innocent... more