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Petition published by Alisha Prescod on Feb 20, 2015
We the undersigned call for Facebook to remove The Mastering The Art Of Cat Cooking page for fear of making people feel it is okay to cook, kill, de-fur and or drown... more
Petition published by Denise Renaud on Feb 19, 2015
We the people who globally use fB, DEMAND that Mark Zuckerberg , CEO and Founder of Facebook, address the issue of animal cruelty being allowed on fB and that people who create and post such disgusting, graphic violence against animals, be banned from fB and all posts... more
Petition published by ulla rosenkilde on Feb 18, 2015
I stand for animal... more
Petition published by Kevin Vavra on Feb 17, 2015 AUSTRALIA...

Petition: We, the undersigned, call on the Animal Welfare Division of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and Jaala... more
Petition published by sharissa on Feb 17, 2015
Please sign it to help stop and take a big step toward ending animal... more
Petition published by Grace Boas on Feb 14, 2015
Please sign if you agree that all the bull fiestas in Teulada and Denia should be banned.

They are sadistic, uncivilised, barbaric.... more
Petition published by roni hilton on Feb 06, 2015
We, the undersigned, call upon the ASPCA and our local representative to hereby put a stop to, and make it illegal, for any animal shelter to euthanize any animal before their "due out" date and/or if there is a legitimate interest from a rescue/person to adopt said animal.... more
Petition published by Jordan on Feb 05, 2015
We, the undersigned, call on the B.C provincial government of Canada to stop the unnecessary and unethical culling of wolves in British... more
Petition published by Michael o Connor on Feb 02, 2015
Please sign to keep Layla at home with her... more
Petition published by Olga Aquiles on Jan 30, 2015
Please place speed bumps to avoid another pet or child from being a victim of a horrible, devastating, tragic... more