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Petition published by Anna on Feb 16, 2006
We, the undersigned, petition to Stop Dog Abuse... more
Petition published by Jodie on Feb 13, 2006
Please sign this petition to stop horse slaughter in the... more
Petition published by Gillian Penny on Feb 12, 2006
We cannot imagine a world without these beautiful cats. What will become of them? Do they really deserve getting killed just because of greedy people? We support the TTRT... more
Petition published by meghan register on Feb 12, 2006
Animals need their fur alot more than we do. We, the undersigned, want a ban on the skinning of animals worldwide.... more
Petition published by sandy hosa on Feb 11, 2006
Please sign if you want to ask for live feeding of rodents to be... more
Petition published by Krystal on Feb 11, 2006
If you are against horse slaughter please sign this... more
Petition published by lolaviolets on Feb 06, 2006
We, the undersigned, are concerned about polar bears who are endangered and could be extinct by 2010! We want to see them and their habitat saved from global warming.... more
Petition published by Carmen Origel on Jan 31, 2006
We the people for the justice for animals feel that the case of Union County Humane Society VS Deservesd the attention of any other criminal case.... more
Petition published by Kristen Lipovsky on Jan 30, 2006
We, the undersigned, pledge to help save these precious mountain gorillas from being slaughtered for no apparent... more
Petition published by Kristen Lipovsky on Jan 30, 2006
Please stop people from slaughtering these wonderful creatures for no apparent... more