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Petition published by blion on Jul 04, 2006
A l'attention de tous(les jeunes en particulier). Il faut sauver la terre de nos enfants et respecter celle de nos parents. Pour ceci une mesure à prendre d'urgence : Denis B. doit remettre des chaussettes dans ses mocassins !... more
Petition published by celia de grammont on Jul 03, 2006
I wholeheartedly agree that the controlled breeding of all horses is an absolute necessity to prevent over 35,000 horses being sent to a cruel and unnecessary death every year in this country for human consumption on the... more
Petition published by KATIE on Jul 01, 2006
Petition published by Alejandra on Jun 25, 2006
Abolish Alligator Turtle Hunting In... more
Petition published by Erin Kanzenbach on Jun 20, 2006
Tell Bio Corp. that animal cruelty is NOT required for a student to learn - and that there are other more humane, more accurate, and more cost-efficient dissection alternatives availible to educate... more
Petition published by Kelly Bennett on Jun 20, 2006
Stop this mad man from having any animals. He should be restrained from coming within 10 ft of any... more
Petition published by Christina Walsh on Jun 19, 2006
We, the undersigned, petition to bring Lolita... more
Petition published by Dana Beaton on Jun 18, 2006
I think it is cruel about some of the ways animals are treated and would like to put a stop to this. Please sign my... more
Petition published by Carmen Zimmerman on Jun 13, 2006
Please send a message to these communities and beyond that it is NOT okay to abuse or neglect animals of any kind, in any way. It is not okay to be an irresponsible pet owner. It is not okay to starve animals. It is not okay to keep animals in a room with a lack of... more
Petition published by Claudia Bremer on Jun 08, 2006
Don't let manatees be taken off the endangered... more