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Petition published by Marko on Sep 17, 2006
licul... more
Petition published by no to gaschambers on Sep 15, 2006
We, the undersigned, call on the UN & US govt to eliminate the use of inhumane gas... more
Petition published by emo-bunny(fagg) on Sep 04, 2006
Sign this to protest about kittens in jars. Sign it for the... more
Petition published by Dawn on Sep 04, 2006
We, the undersigned, would like to make a new law in Illinois to make it illegal to have dogs confined to a chain for more than 2 to 3 hours at a time. They should also have shelter, food and... more
Petition published by Abbie on Aug 21, 2006
I wish that McDonalds didn't exist. I wish that there was a different place to eat, a nicer place to enjoy your meal.... more
Petition published by Pitbull575 on Aug 20, 2006
We, the undersigned, As Voters call on the State Government of Victoria Australia to stop the Compulsory desexing/ban and eventual extinction(In Australia) of the American Pit Bull Terrier through Breed Specific Legislation.... more
Petition published by Samantha Jo on Aug 18, 2006
We, the undersigned who reside on 183rd St Ct E, state that Kassy (a 12-year-old German Shepard/Collie mix) has proven to show good behavior and has never, to my knowlege, shown any signs of aggression or other threatening... more
Petition published by analisa on Aug 14, 2006
Sign to help stop animal cruelty in South Korea and many other countries.... more
Petition published by Mary on Aug 13, 2006
I think that Greyhound racing should be stopped! Many people around the world are participating in this "sport".

These poor greyhounds are being treated very badly, they do not... more
Petition published by Shin on Aug 09, 2006
How would you like it to be hit in the head with a sharp hook or perhaps a pickaxe.. but that is what the people in Norway and Canada and other countries are doing. They enjoy killing baby seals. They have no remorse what so ever. And they call it a sport... it's... more