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Petition published by Connie Guthrie on Jul 31, 2006
It is hereby requested for the state of Missouri to mandate for ALL person(s) to be required to be responsible for their... more
Petition published by Alecia Gregory on Jul 21, 2006
Please sign this petition and help stop experimenting. And next time you hear or sing that National Anthom, listen. Listen and remember that the land of the free and the home of the brave is not the land of the... more
Petition published by Dominique Martin on Jul 21, 2006
We, the undersigned, ask for the U.S. to put up more pet... more
Petition published by maddie wells on Jul 21, 2006
We petition to end animal cruelty and... more
Petition published by Leah Leach on Jul 18, 2006
A federal court in California found this method to be cruel and unusual punishment. The last use of a gas chamber was on March 3, 1999, when Walter LaGrand, a German national, was executed in Arizona.... more
Petition published by petlover2695 on Jul 16, 2006
We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Brazil to get animal cops for different parts of... more
Petition published by Dominique Martin on Jul 16, 2006
Stop the selling of dogs and cats in pet... more
Petition published by Stacey parham on Jul 15, 2006
Animal cruetly is one of the most saddest thing in world and hope you can help pass another law but much stronger, so that the govermnet will listen and try to do more and stop it.... more
Petition published by cheyanne on Jul 15, 2006
I want a no wolf left behind act done for the... more
Petition published by ROFL on Jul 11, 2006
The Red Legged Pademelon Wallaby needs help! It is no longer living in its natural habitat, because it is so small it is quite hard for the pademelon to fight off enemies. Please sign my... more