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Petition published by hectori12 on Feb 17, 2007
The experiments conducted in HLS are useless and terribly cruel. Is it really necessary to test caramel food colouring on dogs, and kill them, when it's already been on the market for years? Is it really necessary to force animals to smoke, when we already know that... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Feb 16, 2007
Please sign this petition for the welfare of pigs and against cruelty.

Animals Australia believes that we, as individuals, have the right to... more
Petition published by Matthew Ridgeway on Feb 15, 2007
To the leaders of all nations, be it State, Provincial and local Governments, animal control officers and Human Rights groups globally. We the undersigned demand that the following items to be included into all of our laws in regards to dogs in our communities... more
Petition published by Siobhan on Feb 10, 2007
We, concerned consumers, protest to give animals rights and to stop animal testing.... more
Petition published by hectori12 on Feb 09, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on the Canadian Government to put a stop to such brutal murder and blatant ignorance of basic animal rights; the right to... more
Petition published by Caisie on Feb 09, 2007
Please sign if you want the use of battery cages to stop and think that chickens have as much right to be free as any other... more
Petition published by carly on Feb 08, 2007
Why would people want to cruely hurt animals? Is it for fun? or maybe its for their own sickning pleasure? In the news everyday we hear about animals cruely being killed and tortured for no aparent reason. Buring, dismembering and stabbing are just some of the cruel... more
Petition published by Sant Andreu Sant Marti on Feb 06, 2007
We, the undersigned, call upon the City Council of Barcelona to save the cats living on land where the construction of the high speed train tracks between Madrid and Barcelona will soon... more
Petition published by Johnny on Feb 02, 2007
We, the undersigned, call on every government in every country as well as all reasonably intelligent persons;

1. Acknowledge that disadvantaged members of the community are of... more
Petition published by erika on Jan 31, 2007
We are petitioning that you stop killing poor defenseless animals and make more of an effort to find them homes. Stop treating them like they are murders and killing them in cruel ways.... more