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Petition published by Jayd Edwards on Jul 28, 2014
Stop Declawing in South Africa.

We call on the Parliament of South Africa to ban these inhumane acts and make it illegal for Vets to perform declawing on... more
Petition published by kofi fobil on Jul 26, 2014
Petition published by Riaan on Jul 10, 2014
To the Speaker of the House of Parliament

We the Republic of South Africa also known as the people, South Africans.... more
Petition published by African Reparations Movement on Jun 17, 2014
"We the People" demand that the United Nations address the issue of reparations as it pertains to those of African descent. This mandate is embedded in both national and international law. Reparations are for the national governments allowing slavery and the racist,... more
Petition published by kuzulu on Jun 10, 2014
Nous, signataires de cette pétition et clients, exigeons une garantie de réception de qualité de Canal Horizon en tout temps (sauf cas prévus au contrat) surtout en cas de pluie, une ré-installation gratuite des antennes de réception individuelles en cas de... more
Petition published by Roscoe Jacobs on May 09, 2014
I condemn the kidnapping of the 257 school girls from a school in Nigeria and call on my government the South African government led by President Jacob Zuma to assist in ensuring the safe return of the girls to their families by any means possible.... more
Petition published by gbemi elekula on May 08, 2014
We, the undersigned, call for the Federal Government of Nigeria to establish a Penalty for Jungle Justice crime. Nobody deserves Jungle justice.... more
Petition published by SPMUDA AFRICA on May 05, 2014
SPMUDA Africa calls for peace and for all countries to join the Nigerian government in bringing bring back our girls that were kidnapped.... more
Petition published by Louie Engelbrecht on Apr 25, 2014
I want everybody with a conscience and human compassion to realize the urgent need to get this visa approved to sign this petition and put yourself in my shoes and think how would you react.... more
Petition published by James Paul on Apr 22, 2014
We, the undersigned, call on the United Nations to leverage its global resources to demand reparations for black slavery from every existing estate, company and nation that actively participated in chattel slavery and amassed tremendous amounts of wealth via the... more