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Petition published by Anonymous on Mar 13, 2008
Be proud of your own country! Whether it's America, Britain, Egypt, Bhutan, Chile, Tuvalu, or anywhere else!

(PS: This petition isn't getting sent anywhere, it's just here... more
Petition published by Donna Kellett and Linda Garwood on Mar 11, 2008

The petition of certain citizens of Australia draws to the attention... more
Petition published by Gerald Bailey on Feb 28, 2008
This petition will go thru together with the covering letter from the South African Airsoft Players Association, (SAAPA) petitioning the SAPS and minister of Safety and Security to work with us and allow our international sport to... more
Petition published by Richard Silas Lubowa on Feb 17, 2008
We, the Undersigned, petition the Uganda Government to Repeal section 141 of the Uganda penal code which criminalises... more
Petition published by Oljirra on Jan 23, 2008
We, Oromo and other citizens of Ethiopia, demand that the Ethopian government allow Jimma Times to have license for its independent Afaan Oromo newspaper in Ethiopia.... more
Petition published by kenya07 on Jan 19, 2008
We, the undersigned, call on all Kenyan politicians to step down.

By signing this petition, I pass a vote of no confidence in Kenyan... more
Petition published by hassan mohamed on Jan 19, 2008
We call on the UN, EU, AU, Arab League and other international organzations to immediately call for the withdrawal of ethiopian troops from somalia and bring to court all war... more
Petition published by Suleiman on Jan 16, 2008
We, the undersigned, fully support the growing senior officials of the Bush administration who are backing the independence for Somaliland. In Pentagon and State Department circles in particular.... more
Petition published by PELI on Jan 11, 2008
We the people of Kenya are calling upon the international community to face Kibaki and tell him to step down as president and let democracy... more
Petition published by Steeve on Jan 11, 2008
Please sign in refusal to support instigators who have caused bloodshed. Everybody need to join in disobedience to their requests.... more