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Petition published by ZA Truth on Apr 18, 2008
The Zimbabwe Election:

There is nothing “normal” about the “recount” due to take place in 23 constituencies tomorrow, when the results of the... more
Petition published by eshlin on Apr 09, 2008
please fill in this petition sa esp or from any country so that we can finally get this awesome rock band to tour our... more
Petition published by Peter ZA on Apr 09, 2008
We also need the world to know that even the soccer world cup has to be given to another country. In no way can we afford that this prestigious event is held here. No, I repeat there is no security and no laws in this country.... more
Petition published by Terri on Apr 04, 2008
Its time for H&M to come to Africa.

Please sign the petition so that we don't have to wait any longer for the amazing clothes and accessories supplied by... more
Petition published by emma on Mar 25, 2008
Sign to help save the African... more
Petition published by Louis Calabro on Mar 22, 2008
We, the undersigned do hereby respectfully Petition US President George W. Bush, the US Congress and relevant US government agencies to:... more
Petition published by hysham fayk on Mar 17, 2008
Free the AMAZIGH cause's militants held in regime's jails at Ouarzazate, Imtghern (Errachidia), Amknas ( Meknes).... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Mar 13, 2008
Be proud of your own country! Whether it's America, Britain, Egypt, Bhutan, Chile, Tuvalu, or anywhere else!

(PS: This petition isn't getting sent anywhere, it's just here... more
Petition published by Donna Kellett and Linda Garwood on Mar 11, 2008

The petition of certain citizens of Australia draws to the attention... more
Petition published by Gerald Bailey on Feb 28, 2008
This petition will go thru together with the covering letter from the South African Airsoft Players Association, (SAAPA) petitioning the SAPS and minister of Safety and Security to work with us and allow our international sport to... more