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Petition published by Patricia Kantrowitz on Aug 04, 2009
We, the undersigned, call on the Sudanese government, to change the dress code that bans women from wearing pants, and stop the barbaric public punishment for these women. The rest of the world is... more
Petition published by Jason Barber on Aug 02, 2009
We, the undersigned, call upon the South African Government, the Department of International Relations, and Ambassadors to SADC/AU states and the UN, to openly and purposefully pursue equal rights for all of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community across... more
Petition published by Graeme Addison on Jul 24, 2009
We, the undersigned, hereby petition the South-African Government:

To proclaim the Vredefort Dome as a world heritage site in terms of South-African legislation as soon as is reasonably... more
Petition published by studenten-gegen-piraterie on Jul 21, 2009
We call upon Leonhardt & Blumberg to extend their efforts to bring the situation on board MV "Hansa Stavanger" to an end.

We request the person in charge to do anything in their power that... more
Petition published by adnen on Jul 20, 2009
We are judges, parliamentarians, NGOs and trade unionists throughout the world.

Having read the recommendation of the Human Rights Committee at the... more
Petition published by adnen on Jul 19, 2009
Nous sommes des juges, des députés, des organisations non gouvernementales, et des syndicats du monde.

Après avoir lus la recommandation du Comité des droits de l'homme... more
Petition published by Karla on Jul 11, 2009
If you sign this petition, you are agreeing that hunting primates is wrong! Do you want your grandchildren to not know what the word monkey, or gorilla means when they are 10? I certainly don't!... more
Petition published by Wendy Lopez on Jul 10, 2009
Hands off Cuba and Hands off Assata

The historic relationship between the Cuban Government and the Freedom movements in the US is very rich and proud. The progressive... more
Petition published by femmes et hommes de gauche on Jul 07, 2009
Lettre au peuple de gauche

LE CONSTAT…... more
Petition published by amaiya on Jul 03, 2009
If you were offended by this comment and blog, or if you are a fan of the neffe and franke and tiny and toya show please sign this petition to stop this word used against african americans "ghetto" and please sign below, PLEASE... more