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Petition published by connor on Jun 11, 2009
To solve this YOU simply need to sign this petition, as if you do then the UN may seriously consider uniting a large portion of Africa with a government that IS... more
Petition published by Nageeba on Jun 10, 2009
Please sign this petition to help bring attention to the danger these journalists are in, who are being threatened to stop reporting human rights abuses going on in Mogadishu committed by opposing fighting groups.... more
Petition published by Danny on May 31, 2009
Our petition is very simple and straight forward. We have been here for a year now and we will want to petition your office to help us to duly receive our confirmation letters.... more
Petition published by lorenzo on May 28, 2009
It's not possible to live in a world where this happens.. Every day in Egypt police and people shoot and poison dogs and cats in the streets!!... more
Petition published by salomon on May 24, 2009
Depuis l'abolition de la peine de mort, un président français a rarement été soumis à une telle demande. Mais il s'agit bien ici de sauver la vie d'un homme condamné à mort. Cet homme c'est M. Nicky Jackson , ressortissant Nigérien, condamné à mort par son... more
Petition published by Quinton D. Crawford on May 23, 2009
Tell the White House and Congress to stop ignoring West Africa!

With a relatively small amount of short term financial commitment and program assistance, we can reverse the cascade damage done to the... more
Petition published by asmlal on May 19, 2009
je support la petition
أدعم و أوقع على هذه العريضة... more
Petition published by kate and jessica on May 17, 2009
We love the orangutans and think they deserve more. Where does it say in the bible people are more important then animals, and for that matter people should think twice before harming the lovely creatures?... more
Petition published by Elmer Barbosa on May 09, 2009
por raça mistura
sermos mais de todos... more
Petition published by Nehanda Sankofa-Ra on Apr 29, 2009
We at Mothers for Africa call on the people to eliminate unregulated sales of coltan and other precious minerals from the... more