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Notification that New Facebook Comments Facility has replaced GoPetition Forums

Dear GoPetition forum user, you have arrived at this page because GoPetition has phased out its forum software and now encourages all petition authors and supporters to instead use our facebook comments facility which can be found at the bottom of most petitions. The facebook comments facility provides an improved discussion experience.
Our non-facebook forums were officially removed on June 30, 2011. Petition authors will have access to the old forum messages - related to their petitions - in their GoPetition account, so if you wish to access any petition related forum entries please contact the relevant petition author. 
For forum entries not related to any petition, you may make enquiries to GoPetition. Please note that all forum entries will no longer be accessed by search engines and will disappear from Google search lists in due course.
We wish to take this opportunity to thank all our forums users over the years who have made a significant contribution to the GoPetition community and all the relevant causes listed at GoPetition. We hope that the new facebook facility will provide more flexibility and greater reach for users and contributors who want to participate in discussing available petitions. Participants do not have to be facebook members to make comments and can do so from a variety of other memberships, namely Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail. Comments using the new facility will have a wider reach and potentially meet a larger audience.
Regards, GoPetition Admin