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Petition published by Medway 6 on Nov 18, 2014
As a resident in Medway, MA, I am not comfortable with our selection of crumb rubber infill for our three synthetic turf playing fields.... more
Petition published by Betty White on Nov 18, 2014
We, the fans of Betty White, young and old and all the fans of the TV show, "Hot in Cleveland" to continue broadcasting this show and not to have it cancelled after 6 years on TV... more
Petition published by Humboldt Neighbors Association on Nov 17, 2014
We, the undersigned, ask Alderman Maldonado for the following:

Keep current residential zoning in our neighborhood (specifically the... more
Petition published by Friends of Discovery Bay Skate Park on Nov 13, 2014
We, the undersigned residents of Discovery Bay, call on the Discovery Bay Community Services District to immediately approve the development of a permanent Discovery Bay skate... more
Petition published by Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter School on Nov 13, 2014
Members of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission:

I fully and whole heartedly support the new charter application that... more
Petition published by theron maloney on Nov 12, 2014
The citizens of Troy N.Y will not stand for this huge miscalculation by the city of Troy.... more
Petition published by Tom Hayden on Nov 10, 2014
We call for a full debate on whether to authorize the widening new war in Iraq and Syria. A congressional vote will allow citizens to hold their elected representatives accountable now and in 2016.... more
Petition published by Andrew Spickerman on Nov 07, 2014
As a Humboldt county resident or visitor, I support the creation of purpose built mountain bike trails in the Sunny Brae forest.... more
Petition published by Support Enforcement Laws Need to Change on Nov 06, 2014
We, the undersigned, from all 51 States and Territory's Of North America, ask you, Senator Patty Murray to please make Stricter Enforcement of Penalties for Non Payment, and Emotional Distress of... more
Petition published by Green Woods Charter School at Overbrook Farms on Nov 02, 2014
Petition in Support of the School District of Philadelphia's approval of the Application for a Charter School of the Green Woods Charter School at Overbrook Farms;... more