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Petition published by Jules and Amber on Nov 28, 2011
We, the dedicated fans, ask Creation Entertainment to book Kiowa Girdon and Charlie Bewley for this tour date along with many... more
Petition published by Amy Craycraft-Woodling on Nov 26, 2011
We the undersigned, call on President Obama to ensure that the bills being introduced for drug testing for welfare and unemployment benefits be revised to include ALL people receiving their money from... more
Petition published by Karen Birckbichler on Nov 22, 2011
We hereby petition Kohl's department stores to never again air the likes of its current offensive holiday advertisement depicting an arrogant woman taking advantage of her elders and abusing fellow... more
Petition published by shellyann b on Nov 22, 2011
We the people want this to stop with these porn sites, how easy it is for children to get on them?... more
Petition published by Candace Miller on Nov 22, 2011
We are asking for signatures to let Kenny Ortega know that Ryan Gosling is the only choice for this legendary... more
Petition published by Marisa on Nov 21, 2011
We, the public, ask the United States of America to approve the teaching of comprehensive sex education in our schools.... more
Petition published by isabella on Nov 20, 2011
I am requesting that if u signed the no more kardashian petition you will sign this for SEARS to stop selling the Kardashian line.... more
Petition published by Felicia Rogiani on Nov 20, 2011
This country has brave men and women fighting and putting their lives on the line for our rights.... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Nov 20, 2011
Due to the manner of your inhabitance around the Pace University perimeter, the student body requests that the NYPD Mounted Police Division please clean up the horse droppings left around the school.... more
Petition published by Taylor Degn on Nov 20, 2011
Dear MTV,

We the people demand that you should go back to your old-time music... more