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Petition published by Anonymous on Nov 14, 2011
We, the undersigned, call on the professional bass tournament fishing organizations to eliminate the use of umbrella type rigs, such as the Alabama Rig, from professional bass tournaments.... more
Petition published by barry miller on Nov 14, 2011
This petition is to get the state of Ga to reopen the hall of... more
Petition published by Buck Marshall on Nov 14, 2011
Unfair Wage Competition

Section 1. The power of Congress to regulate foreign trade shall not... more
Petition published by Rose Medeiros on Nov 13, 2011
In the light of the foregoing, I object in the strongest possible terms to having been given no alternative assignment for my refusal to attend a LGBT (initialism that collectively refers to " lesbian,... more
Petition published by USG on Nov 11, 2011
As a full-time, undergraduate student attending Point Park University, I support the proposal of United Student Government requesting that all faculty members be required to use Blackboard software at a... more
Petition published by Alex Chamberlain on Nov 09, 2011
I support a revision to Public Law 106-206 creating an exemption for small film crews of 5 or less to film on public lands without a permit or fee, similar to the exemption already in place for... more
Petition published by Emily A VanderLinden on Nov 09, 2011
The current state of Gender Neutral Housing includes a very select number of students in upperclass, independent housing in Spelman.... more
Petition published by Colonial's student body on Nov 09, 2011
We, the 2012 Senior class of Colonial High School, ask you to support our aspirations for graduation.... more
Petition published by Doreen Lyons on Nov 08, 2011
Descendants of the Three Affiliated Tribal Society are the Advocates of “The People” of Fort Berthold Indian Reservation who are working for: Promotion of Equal Justice, Social (Constitutional)... more
Petition published by Leah Lax on Nov 07, 2011
We, the Undersigned, call the to electoral commission to add Leah Lax's name on the... more