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Petition published by George on Oct 16, 2011
I am calling upon the British public to sign the petition to bring the British television channel GOLD to Freeview... more
Petition published by Daryl Stafford on Oct 15, 2011
We, the undersigned, note that Mayor Lutfur Rahman and Tower Hamlets Council, is committed to Equality for the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender community and that this should extend beyond mere... more
Petition published by Gary Styles on Oct 13, 2011
This Petition recommends that a middle tier be introduced.

A Merit should be awarded to those that achieve an overall average of... more
Petition published by lisa card on Oct 13, 2011
We the undersigned call upon the secretary of state for justice to change the current legislation to prevent perpetrators of sex offences from having any parental rights to their children and to... more
Petition published by MikeS on Oct 13, 2011
We the undersigned call on Camden Council to follow the lead of other London boroughs and bring in a 20 mph limit on Parkhill Road and thus for other residential streets to follow in... more
Petition published by Rob Ferrol on Oct 13, 2011
To John Mann MP & Bassetlaw Hospital.

Please provide FULL TIME PDSN care for the children affected by Type... more
Petition published by Mary L Cosgrove on Oct 13, 2011
Please sign this petition to allow parents and children to cross the London Road more safely by installing a 20 mile an hour limit between The Cricketers and Hamlet Court Road, by putting up school... more
Petition published by Hannah on Oct 13, 2011
We object to the implementation of closing accident and emergency between 10pm and 8am each night from November 1 2011 and proposals to downgrade the service to potentially a nurse-led minor illness... more
Petition published by Sharon Kamel on Oct 12, 2011
We the undersigned call for the British Government to

1- Apply pressure to the Egyptian government to conduct proper,... more
Petition published by Sharon Henderson & Chris Wittwer on Oct 12, 2011
Nineteen years ago Nikki Allan, a seven-year-old girl, was murdered on Wear Garth estate in Sunderland. It was a crime of extreme brutality. Nikki's body was found in a derelict building - she had... more