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Petition published by Martyn on Feb 18, 2012
We, the undersigned are calling on you, Jackie Doyle Price to persuade Cameron to drop the bill or vote against it.... more
Petition published by John Boland on Feb 17, 2012
We, the undersigned, ask all those involved with the 3 Banbury improvement developments in 2012 to include new and better leisure facilities as part of their plans.... more
Petition published by Ben Whitehouse on Feb 16, 2012
We the undersigned support the campaign asking Royal Mail to install a post box to serve the growing community around Lightmoor, TF4.... more
Petition published by Louisa Herridge on Feb 15, 2012
Calling all glamorous blondes to reach out to Clairol - We the undersigned request that Clairol relaunch their much loved 'Born Blonde' range of toners. For years, woman who regularly bleached... more
Petition published by Mabon ap Gwynfor on Feb 15, 2012
We believe that the school banding system introduced by the Welsh Government is inherently unfair and does not provide a comprehensive view of a school's performance.... more
Petition published by Sarah Owen on Feb 14, 2012
We the undersigned ask that the Health Secretary and local Tory MP, Amber Rudd to drop the health reform bill and program of cuts imposed on the Conquest hospital; that they spend the £2billion put... more
Petition published by Ruth on Feb 14, 2012
We, the undersigned, call on Coronation Street to change their storyline on... more
Petition published by Trevor Smales on Feb 13, 2012
We call on Virgin Media to cancel the April 2012 price increases and stick to their promise of FREE double... more
Petition published by Jane O'Callaghan on Feb 11, 2012
It is absolutely essential that a vaccine against just Myxomatosis remains available in the UK. Some Rabbits are unable to receive a VHD Vaccine based on their specific health issues or previous... more
Petition published by Gary Kandinsky on Feb 11, 2012
We demand that Thames Water be brought back into Public Ownership, so that big business interests cannot hold communities and customers to ransom, profiting from schemes such as the Thames Super Sewer, which... more