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Petition published by Cristy Palmer on Jan 29, 2014
We call upon Gateshead council to action our request to bring back the memorial. A few other memorials have 'gone missing' due to the council tearing the place apart.... more
Petition published by To COYS ( tony ) on Jan 28, 2014
By signing this petition you are showing that you support freedom of speech! It's for all football fans of all teams and everyone who agrees that all Tottenham fans should be allowed to use the words... more
Petition published by trevor fenton on Jan 27, 2014
We the undersigned are showing our support to a true football fan. A fan who has been pushed by the owners of his club, Coventry City to act out of character.... more
Petition published by Mandi Hayden on Jan 26, 2014
We, the undersigned, call upon Wandswoth council to grant the right to keep the catering premises at Queenstown road SW8-4NW We feel that seeing as a catering vehicle of some sort has always resided on the... more
Petition published by Ellese Elliott on Jan 24, 2014
We, the undersigned, request that the Secretary of State Rt. Hon Dr. Vince Cable and Minister of State for Universities and Science, Innovation, Space , Rt. Hon David Willett MP raise our concerns... more
Petition published by Headway Newry on Jan 22, 2014
We demand that our assembly representatives change the legislation and make it an illegal offence to cycle without a helmet.... more
Petition published by on Jan 19, 2014
We the undersigned believe that a fundamental principle of improving our Welfare State is to introduce a fairer and more progressive system of taxation in the U.K. which increases our collective tax... more
Petition published by Lou Moores on Jan 16, 2014
We the undersigned call on the government and Children's Services to continue to fund the CAMHS Day unit and Manager in Tameside.... more
Petition published by Fair taxi services on Jan 11, 2014
We the undersigned petition to get councils to make taxi-charges the same for able-bodied people as for the disabled and to also help subsidise the specialist taxi... more
Petition published by Danielle Shoesmith on Jan 09, 2014
Help us to get "pro ana" sites removed from the internet!

Over recent years the shocking rise in "pro ana sites" is very... more