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Natalie Bennet should take a Refugee family into her own household

Petition published by M Cairns on May 05, 2016

As World and Religious leaders have asked the people of Europe to open their homes to Refugees and Immigrants and welcome them to live under their roofs; and... more

Volunteer Foster Homes for Refugee Children seeking entry into the UK

Petition published by Sarah Jane on Apr 27, 2016

I am willing and able to provide a safe and comfortable home for at least one child refugee, indefinitely or for as long as it takes to find family... more

Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, 2016

Petition published by Ruby on Apr 27, 2016

We are the dog lovers who want to save all of the innocent dogs' lives.

We sign this petition with the intention of trying our best to save... more

Patient Representation on the Lyme disease Guideline Committee

Petition published by Jules Young on Apr 22, 2016

We, the undersigned, call on the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence to;

1. revise their decision in refusing Veronica Mai Hughes Application,... more

Oppose South Ayrshire Council shutting our community centres!

Petition published by Karen McCartney on Apr 13, 2016

We, the undersigned, demand that South Ayrshire Council immediately retract in full any measures demanding utility bill payments from impacted community centres in the Girvan and South Carrick area. These include community centres in Grivan, Ballantrae, Colmonell,... more

No to £9million on 'Pro Euro' Mail Shots!

Petition published by Martin Sullivan on Apr 08, 2016

And now to the point of my outrage.

Well I, for one, will be voting to leave the Eurozone, I have made that decision so I feel it’s totally un-necessary for us the... more

David Cameron should resign now!

Petition published by Anon Revolution on Apr 07, 2016

We, the British public, call for a resignation of our Prime Minister and his party, and for a general election to be held immediately after his departure from Downing... more

Start a Parkrun in Montrose, Angus, Scotland (Petition is the wrong word, sorry)

Petition published by Colleen G on Apr 06, 2016

We, the undersigned, call on "Parkrun" to consider creating an event in Montrose, Angus,... more

Stop Yorkshire Water PLC polluting Yorkshires Seas

Petition published by Bob Roberts on Apr 06, 2016

We the undersigned ask that the following agencies/authorities: UK Environment Agency, Marine Management Agency, North East Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority, Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council act by taking steps to end the... more

More Opportunities for Young Adults with Learning Disabilities

Petition published by Liz Brook on Apr 04, 2016

We are calling on the government and the local community to create more opportunities for young people with learning disabilities.

We hope to significantly change people's attitudes and outlook... more