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Petition published by Philippine Breast Cancer Network on May 21, 2014
Senate Bill No. 1873 authored by Sen. Trillanes, as well as SBN 2114 authored by Sen. Santiago and SBN 354 authored by Sen. Legarda will all further compound and aggravate the breast cancer epidemic in the... more
Petition published by arvin on May 17, 2014
Dear Ferrari,

Please allow Chris Harris to review the LaFerrari.... more
Petition published by Tim Gover on May 15, 2014
As you know Stephen tragically lost his battle against cancer this week, but left us with a legacy of hope and bravery by raising over £4m for The Teenage Cancer Trust from his bed.... more
Petition published by David Lortkipanidze on May 14, 2014
ჩვენ ქვემორე ხელის მომწერნი ვითხოვოთ საქართველოს... more
Petition published by Neil J. Blum on May 13, 2014
We, the undersigned, are asking the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to make Ringo Starr a member of their 2015 inductee... more
Petition published by Maria Carveth on May 08, 2014
We are trying to bring the plight of the Chibok girls to the attention of the Canadian and Nigerian governments.... more
Petition published by kerr Dinally on May 08, 2014
«Nous n’avons pas le choix»

La pratique semble approuvée par beaucoup d’habitants. «La... more
Petition published by International Coalition Against Execution on May 03, 2014
Two Ahwazi Arab from Shush(Susa) city, who sentenced to the death penalty recently sent to unknown place by the Iranian intelligence services. In 18 March 2014, Fajer's Prison officials in Deziful city... more
Petition published by Peace in Ukraine and the World on May 02, 2014
We, undersigned, call on the President of the USA, the President of Russia, interim government of Ukraine, all World Leaders, UN and NATO to take responsibility, negotiate and influence interim... more
Petition published by Hayley morton on Apr 25, 2014
This petition has been made up to obtain signatures in helping to put forward to the Ministers of Environment of Australia, a petition for subsidising wildlife caring.... more