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Petition published by Susan Johnston on Jul 07, 2014
We, the undersigned, petition Brent Council to allow the Holy Crosses to remain on our Catholic (Section HA) and Christian (Section HB) graves, in Carpender's Park Cemetery, in accordance with our... more
Petition published by African Reparations Movement on Jun 17, 2014
"We the People" demand that the United Nations address the issue of reparations as it pertains to those of African descent. This mandate is embedded in both national and international law. Reparations are... more
Petition published by Official Bobites on Jun 16, 2014
We the undersigned want action to be taken to provide security for unwanted animals and put an end to the law stating that a pet 'owner' can request that a healthy animal can be euthanised for no... more
Petition published by White Scarf on Jun 15, 2014
جناب آقاي محمود گودرزي، وزير محترم ورزش و جوانان... more
Petition published by TUMMAH FOUNDATION on Jun 15, 2014
We, the country music fans of the world, are submitting this petition to have Kenny Chesney inducted in to the Country Music Hall of... more
Petition published by danae on Jun 12, 2014
Help me restore Pluto as planet!

Sign this petition to join me in the cause of reinstating Pluto as... more
Petition published by Speak Up T&T on Jun 06, 2014
Join us in the call to rescue this nation and the people of the at risk communities from their PNM overlords and slave masters.... more
Petition published by Australia for Dolphins on Jun 05, 2014
To: Mr Kazutaka Sangen, Mayor, Municipal Government of Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
Dear Mayor Sangen,... more
Petition published by Elonka Enzensperger on Jun 03, 2014
Yes, I want a second season of Strawberry Panic. This Anime deserves a second season. So please give it to us.... more
Petition published by Debbie on Jun 03, 2014
We the undersigned animal and dog lovers, call on Facebook to remove the following sickening pages "boils dangerous dogs now" and "boil dangerous dogs V2".... more