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Petition published by Redneck Dave on Feb 13, 2005
We the undersigned agree we would like to have K-mart brought back to... more
Petition published by Kelso037 on Feb 08, 2005
By signing this petition, you are agreeing in full that you believe that Mr. C Horswell should be made to step down from his position as head coach of the senior girls volleyball team. In turn, you ask... more
Petition published by Jason on Jan 18, 2005
Dear Mayor Campbell and Councillor Louie:

We, the citizens of Vancouver, request that you secure a release... more
Petition published by Estee on Jan 12, 2005
Most schools these days have rules saying that children are not allowed to chew gum in a classroom. However statistics show that memory improves by almost 15% more than when you are not chewing... more
Petition published by Dan Thomson on Jan 11, 2005
We the undersigned request Laurentian University take an active role in the continuance of a Music Programme at Laurentian University.... more
Petition published by Nate Dizzle on Jan 03, 2005
To get Master P back on the Raptors... more
Petition published by Will M on Dec 19, 2004
This is a petition for Rammstein to go on tour in Canada, or Canada/USA tour, for all Canadian Rammstein fans who would wish to see a pyro teched, Rammstein show. Please sign and help bring... more
Petition published by Gordo on Dec 08, 2004
Sign this petition asking for the resignation or dismissal of Gary Bettman as NHL... more
Petition published by Shady Lane on Dec 07, 2004
Please Sign In if you love... more
Petition published by Kumaran on Dec 04, 2004
We support the LTTE and The freedom... more