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Petition published by Jonathan on Aug 10, 2004
I agree that Joanna Ho is crazy, insane, and stupid for wanting to play any sort of softball related to the MCBCSL and shouldnt play softball until her knee has been fully healed via... more
Petition published by Travis on Jul 21, 2004
Are you a really big sim Fan? Can you wait until the sims 2 come out? I sure can't. That's why I'm trying to get maxis to make a Sims 2 Demo. Then we can play the demo until the real game comes out. I... more
Petition published by Melissa Chan on Jul 20, 2004
To ensure that the public of Tecumseh have a place to enjoy themselves, attain jobs, and stay away from... more
Petition published by Lizardrum on Jul 15, 2004
Ne laisser pas les grande entreprise vous... more
Petition published by Jazmin Reyes on Jul 12, 2004
The request to minimize or prevent the spread of the unbearable odor due to the Piggery situated... more
Petition published by Jennifer White on Jul 11, 2004
Residents of Coal Harbour are petitioning for an all year round, full time off-leash area in Harbour Green Park. We would like the area clearly marked as an "Off Leash Dog Park."... more
Petition published by Christopher Fernandes on Jul 01, 2004
I believe that Canada should have its own royal family rather than always looking up to the... more
Petition published by Mary-Gwen & David Alston on Jun 26, 2004
Women have International Women's Day, now we ask the governments of the world to support the UN resolution to make "The Summer of Mike" the official holiday of... more
Petition published by L. Smith on Jun 25, 2004
To Township of Essa: I/we the undersigned believe the Utopia Gristmill should continue to be preserved and restored as a working mill and conservation and educational resource for the benefit of Essa... more
Petition published by Joel on Jun 18, 2004
I wish that Camp Howdy will stay open, and that they will not destroy it to make a sub-division.... more