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Petition published by Sacha on Oct 14, 2005
Save the Bear population in British Columbia before it's too... more
Petition published by tamara mclead on Oct 13, 2005
The Honorable Prime Minister Paul Martin,

We, (the undersigned) call upon you to be our voice, to speak out to... more
Petition published by Christian Neudecker on Sep 24, 2005
We, the undersigned, would like the Canadian government along with other non-nulcear weapons states to put substantial public pressure on nations that possess these weapons, primarily the USA, in order... more
Petition published by Karlee Reid on Sep 21, 2005
We, the undersigned, want to make DA a superb place again. We artists and friends can be and feel and think how we want to no matter what age we are!... more
Petition published by Justin Case on Sep 12, 2005
We, the citizens of Canada, hereby humbly Petition Her Majesty to request the Prime Minister of Canada to propose an alternate selection for Governor General of Canada who has an unblemished... more
Petition published by Sephor13 on Sep 10, 2005
If you want Wednesday 13 to come to Winnipeg, sign here now!... more
Petition published by Bud Williams on Sep 10, 2005
We, the citizens of Canada hereby humbly Petition Her Majesty to request the Prime Minister of Canada to propose Michaelle Jeans for Govenor General of Canada who has an unblemished record of loyalty... more
Petition published by Christina Chartrand on Sep 08, 2005
By todays Laws it is unsafe to have an iron and ductile company in a residential area.... more
Petition published by K. Robertson on Sep 01, 2005
If you would like your voice to be heard, please sign this petition and forward it along.... more
Petition published by Andrew Frank on Aug 15, 2005
Your signature represents support for the nomination process and our organization's officials in completing that process.... more