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Petition published by K. Robertson on Sep 01, 2005
If you would like your voice to be heard, please sign this petition and forward it along.... more
Petition published by Andrew Frank on Aug 15, 2005
Your signature represents support for the nomination process and our organization's officials in completing that process.... more
Petition published by susan on Aug 12, 2005
If you are unhappy, with the working conditions and full and part-time bids, and feel you are over-worked. Please sign... more
Petition published by eileen fitzgerald on Aug 12, 2005
Please help stop the ban on pitt bulls in Canada. Screen out the bad owners. Raised with love these dogs are the... more
Petition published by Jenna on Jul 29, 2005
Anorexia and Bulimia are diseases, not Lifestyles. We need to educate on recovery not perpetuate these horrible mental health issues. It is NOT ok to desecrate our bodies. Please join in the fight to shut... more
Petition published by Dean Robinson on Jul 23, 2005
BlueWater Health has announced that the hospital in Sarnia will be laying off 169 health workers to cover a part of the 14 million dollar deficit.... more
Petition published by Kimmy on Jul 09, 2005
To whom is may concern.
Please consider the fans who have taken the time to sign this petition as they are the viewers of not only Charmed but the other... more
Petition published by Jason Beange on Jun 21, 2005
We, the people of Canada,
petition the Hon. minister to enact
legislation enabling each... more
Petition published by Candace Bennett on Jun 09, 2005
This is from all the fans of 8 Simple Rules. We would like ABC to bring back this great show! In addition, to bring it out on dvd with tons of great... more
Petition published by Duane Skillings on Jun 08, 2005
Please stop politicians from switching parties after being elected on that party... more