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Petition published by Shady Lane on Dec 07, 2004
Please Sign In if you love... more
Petition published by Kumaran on Dec 04, 2004
We support the LTTE and The freedom... more
Petition published by Sasha on Dec 04, 2004
We, the undersigned, belive it would be of great interest for Fanshawe College to put a third year in place for the Multimedia Design and Production course here at Fanshawe College.... more
Petition published by Andrea Mancini on Dec 03, 2004
Sign this petition if you think The Body Shop should put Satsuma Perfume Spray back on the... more
Petition published by Marc Fournier on Nov 24, 2004

Return the crossing guard and the associated street signs and road... more
Petition published by Shana-Lee virgin on Nov 22, 2004
Let's Put An End To Horse Slaughter!... more
Petition published by paul on Nov 19, 2004
I have lobbied for about 4 years now on this issue. I disagree strongly about gay marriages because in my life I have seen 32 gay marriages in which 29 of them broke up in 2 years, leaving scars. I... more
Petition published by Johnny on Nov 06, 2004
Let's ban the use of American videos in our... more
Petition published by Penny Morris on Oct 26, 2004
We, the citizens of Ontario, demand that the Ontario Government stop the clawback of the National Child Benefit Supplement from Ontario Disability Support Program Recipients immediately.... more
Petition published by Marie-Andrée Lamoureux on Oct 24, 2004
Ceux qui signent cette pétition sont comme nous et :

CONTRE le fait que Santé Canada veuille enlever l'appelation... more