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Petition published by Julia N on Nov 20, 2005

Petition published by Somali canadians on Nov 14, 2005
We, the undersigned, urge the Canadian government to show bold international leadership by leading the way in supporting the Somali government's efforts to create peace and stability through the rule... more
Petition published by Seb on Nov 09, 2005
Nous, les amateurs de soccer du Canada, réclamons la démission de Kevan Pipe de son poste d'officier des opérations en chef de l'Association canadienne de soccer.... more
Petition published by Simmi Mangat on Nov 08, 2005
We, the employees of Semiconductor Insights, would like to increase the amount of greenspace for recreational use that is in the current Ottawa Official zoning... more
Petition published by kaitlin on Nov 01, 2005
Sign this petition if you are a student at HMC and would like to recieve a refund for putting up with hip-hop music at our halloween dance, and having our own school lie to... more
Petition published by BreakingTheSilence on Oct 30, 2005
Nous soussignéés estimons que les droits du jeune homme atteint de déficience intellectuelle qui est actuellement sous la tutelle du curateur public du Québec, et qui est connu sous l'alias de «... more
Petition published by Brittany on Oct 28, 2005
We, the undersigned, want an end to horse slaughter in... more
Petition published by Trooth Decay on Oct 27, 2005
We, the undersigned, beleive not only that the government's proposed legislation to tap public communication (Lawful Access bill) is totally unnecessary , but that it is also a desecration of our civil... more
Petition published by BreakingTheSilence on Oct 18, 2005
We, the undersigned, believe that the rights of the intellectually disabled young man, presently under tutorship of the Quebec public curator, and known by the alias of "Tiger" have been violated and... more
Petition published by Sacha on Oct 14, 2005
Save the Bear population in British Columbia before it's too... more