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Petition published by 123456 on May 30, 2005
We, the undersigned, petition for Smoke Free Public... more
Petition published by Robin Berry on May 23, 2005
We the People of Canada urge the Parliament of Canada to table a bill to ban the Bloc Québécois from running in a federal election and from sitting in the House of Commons as the existence of such a... more
Petition published by Amanda on May 13, 2005
I support fisher-people, plant workers, and other people involved in the crab dispute. We want the crab dispute... more
Petition published by Peter Ferguson on May 04, 2005
I petition the Mayor Bob Campney and the City Council to maintain the Dufferin Centre, located at the intersection of Spring Street and Dufferin Avenue, for the benefit and use of the community. I would... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Apr 29, 2005
In view of the foregoing, the supporters of this petition URGE the Conservative Party to do the following:... more
Petition published by Kim on Apr 26, 2005
We, the undersigned, agree that Professor Ana Isla should not be able to teach at the University level. Her students currently enrolled in SOCI 3P01 should have their grades compensated for the amount of... more
Petition published by Charee on Apr 26, 2005
To the Canadian Embassies of Columbia, Cuba, Indonesia, MPs Across the Nation:... more
Petition published by scratch on Apr 25, 2005
Le but avec les uniformes d'école est d'éliminer les injustices causées par les vêtements portés par les élèves et avec ceci, faire que tout élève se sent inclus. Ce but n'est pas réalisé... more
Petition published by Earle Rheaume on Apr 23, 2005
Let's make Kedgewick Court a safer roadway for vehicles and pedestrians... more
Petition published by Tim Steffen on Apr 17, 2005
We, the undersigned, do hearby swear appreciation for the Music of Pearl Jam and do greatly desire a soulful performance by The band:PEARL JAM... more