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Petition published by Simon Surprenant on Oct 22, 2004
Changer les lois et règlements relatifs aux équipes de bénévoles en recherche et sauvetage pour que ceux-ci soient appelés aussitôt qu'une disparition en milieu urbain ou forestier est... more
Petition published by C Brown on Sep 30, 2004
Please sign to create a Neighbourhood watch program for our community and to keep our children safe.... more
Petition published by Bill Murphy on Sep 25, 2004
We, the undersigned, petition the Board of School Trustees SD 43 to provide children in this area - who attend Heritage Woods Secondary - access to a school... more
Petition published by karrman Walz on Sep 12, 2004
We, the undersigned, request a speed limit change to 30km/hr on Borden drive from one end to the... more
Petition published by Tim Wood on Sep 01, 2004
We, the undersigned, STRONGLY OPPOSE the idea of a breed specific ban on any... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Sep 01, 2004
To the Supervisor Roman Oleksij (traffic operations) and Bill Saundercook (city councillor ward 13). We the undersigned petition that an expedient solution be reached to stop the dangerously... more
Petition published by sharon Stewart on Aug 24, 2004
We the undersigned, seasonal campers of Meadowbrook Park feel we have not recieved services for which we have paid for. These services are offered on the internet web site and in the park brochure, such as... more
Petition published by S on Aug 24, 2004
Please have the concrete barriers blocking the streets in front of and behind the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa removed so that traffic can flow more freely.... more
Petition published by Coven on Aug 18, 2004
Facing new legislation, Bikni is thinking of shutting down more
Petition published by Zakuro on Aug 16, 2004
Keep the Mew Mew names how they... more