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Petition published by Kellie Marschall on Apr 27, 2006
Petition published by linda-marie jackson on Mar 23, 2006
we, the below signed, demand that the laws relating to the growth, smoking, possession and selling of marijuana be increased in... more
Petition published by senio on Mar 23, 2006
I am a teenage driver, and I am against this bill.... more
Petition published by foofighter on Mar 22, 2006
We, the undersigned, believe the band "The White Room" deserve a slot on Homebake in Sydney 2006 and a national slot on the Big Day Out lineup, in 2007.... more
Petition published by Kellie Marschall on Mar 21, 2006
This petition is to get the laws about Car Tinting in SA to match those in every other state, allowing 35% light transmittance tint on all windows making it cheaper and easier to move... more
Petition published by Mr David Bramwells on Mar 20, 2006
To the Federal Parliament of Australia, to the Legislative Assemblies of Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Territorial assemblies of the A.C.T and Northern... more
Petition published by Chris Zumwalt on Mar 19, 2006
Please sign this petition and help stop Japan's senseless slaughter of whales in the name of scientific... more
Petition published by Matthew Ridgeway on Mar 17, 2006
This petition is calling for the Department for Victorian Communities to enforce the Local Government Act and rule councils to abide by state laws, which is a requirement of the act. Councils requiring... more
Petition published by alysha on Mar 16, 2006
I would love to recieve a triple J dools gold video... more
Petition published by Michele Harrison on Mar 14, 2006
We, the undersigned, hereby request new 6 foot boundary fencing to replace the existing none-secure structure at The Entrance Public School. We are a safety conscious community looking after OUR... more