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Petition published by Phillip Carlson on Aug 12, 2006
The people named on this petition call on the Queensland Government to abolish the rule in Searle v Wallbank and thereby change the law to hold owners of livestock responsible for damage caused by their... more
Petition published by Haylee Mittermair on Aug 12, 2006
We, the people of Australia, urge the government to allow same-sex marriage. Marriage - It's about love, not gender.... more
Petition published by Anonymous on Aug 11, 2006
Cosmic Nomads - wow this 70's style filthy Hammond organ 7 piece band based in Melbourne would be great for the Falls Festival at Lorne... more
Petition published by Mini Junky on Aug 09, 2006
We want the softdrink machines... more
Petition published by A.Wilson on Aug 09, 2006
We, the undersigned, support the recognition of Zoe Amelia in all dealings by the... more
Petition published by Leigh Stancliffe on Aug 07, 2006
Late night TV watchers unite. Sign the petition to get Channels Nine & Seven to axe their Up-Late Gameshow clones and return shows such as Enterprise, The Late Show with David Letterman, Alias,... more
Petition published by Skye Spence on Aug 06, 2006
We want Yell Fire Tour -... more
Petition published by Daniel McCullagh on Aug 03, 2006
Sign if you want trivium to come hit our shores late this year, early next... more
Petition published by Luke Lynch on Aug 01, 2006
I wish that the show QuizMania stays on air indefinately. I also agree that the show should be extended to a four hour timeslot.... more
Petition published by Josh on Jul 31, 2006
Please Sign This petition if you want HabbaFM to be sold back to Chris our original owner!... more