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Petition published by James A Triolo on Jul 26, 2006
I want Quizmania off my tv... more
Petition published by James A Triolo on Jul 26, 2006
I will not be tuning in to channel 9 until letterman is brought... more
Petition published by Barton Ip on Jul 24, 2006
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is getting old! Vote for High School Musical for our... more
Petition published by Aaron on Jul 20, 2006
Please sign this if you're a skater that lives in or around ocean reef because we NEED a skate park here. Kinross is too far and we need to... more
Petition published by Save Rosa on Jul 19, 2006
I support the efforts of the Rosalie College Community to keep alive the historic boys’ school situated at Marist College Rosalie. As an inclusive and affordable school with a long tradition of... more
Petition published by Big Aussie on Jul 18, 2006
That We, the football public of Western Australian, denounce the hypocritical treatment of Michael Gardiner, and call upon the West Coast Eagles to truly SUPPORT Michael through his depression, by... more
Petition published by Songwut Teeratha on Jul 18, 2006
Petition published by Hing-Lung Calvin Tsang on Jul 15, 2006
I wish for Melbourne City Council to ban haggling/hawkering for customers to enter a restaurant as I wish to walk down Little Bourke Street... more
Petition published by jason dejong on Jul 14, 2006
Bring poison's 20 years of rock tour to... more
Petition published by casey carter on Jul 14, 2006
We, the undersigned, will not tolerate sexual predators FULL STOP.

We want Zero tolerance for repeat sex... more