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Petition published by Shirley Paul on May 24, 2006
We, whose signatures are below, wish to object to having to purchase clothing with the Bowls Australia Logo on them as most of us are home dressmakers and are not in the position to be able to purchase... more
Petition published by Ben H on May 24, 2006
We believe that Gyroscope should play an All Ages / U-18 show in Melbourne on their upcoming 'Dream vs Scream' tour, due to the fact that there are hundreds of passionate fans who wish to see their... more
Petition published by Robert on May 22, 2006
Yes Mushroom should rerelase the entire catalog of skyhooks music on... more
Petition published by A.Wilson on May 21, 2006
We, the undersigned, demand the Child Support Agency of Australia recognise the rights of all children, not just ones registered with the... more
Petition published by Mary Jane Moss on May 18, 2006
Help get The Moss in the ring with The... more
Petition published by Hope Albon on May 18, 2006
We want a set of bmx jumps built for the youths that live in Bligh Park so that we don't have to ride to Clarendon all the... more
Petition published by Ben Chan on May 15, 2006
Petition for Law & Order, SVU and Criminal Intent to be released faster on DVD.... more
Petition published by Rebecca McEvoy on May 15, 2006
We, the undersigned, feel that the current provision of mental heath serivces in New South Wales is lacking.... more
Petition published by UYL on May 14, 2006
We want The Comedy Channel to ask Steve Foxx to make a new version of "Double The Fist" which The Comedy Channel can have credit... more
Petition published by Machelle Walker on May 11, 2006
Romper Room has been missing from our televisions (but not our hearts) for far too long now.... more