About Us

GoPetition - a leading international petition hosting portal - offers advanced global hosting services and unrivalled customer service. GoPetition has a multi-million membership base with nearly 70,000 petitions in more than 100 countries. The site has helped many campaigners achieve success stories and has developed an international presence with robust social networks.

GoPetition is a non-partisan site and has no political affiliations. Our aim is to provide access to quality software and tailored petition hosting services. Our customer service goal is to maintain same-day service standards. All petitions at GoPetition are instantly available when uploaded.

GoPetition is a premium content site and has many academic, NGO and Government patrons. Our aim is to promote the publication of high profile and quality premium content. GoPetition has a robust privacy policy while also complying with international data access protocols.

Anyone or any group can use GoPetition to have their voice heard. Information about how to write a petition and tips about petition writing are provided in detail.

The GoPetition site was launched in Sydney Australia in the year 2000 by five friends from Macquarie University who were talking about viral business ideas one night at a pub. The group came up with the idea of a petitioning site after seeing poker machines and excessive gambling in the pub venue. The idea was born to amplify the voices of concerned individuals and groups.

Our goal is to provide the best petitioning software and experience available to amplify serious voices. We aim to help our members compete within the marketplace of ideas. Unlike some of our major competitors, we do not promote political bias nor spam marketing techniques.

GoPetition deems reputational satisfaction as critical for our clients and our business model. We want our clients to feel confident in a trusted and premium content ecosystem that allows the safe expression of ideas, even if controversial.

Whether you are writing a petition or simply supporting one, GoPetiton can facilitate real change for your cause.

After you start a petition feel free to contact us with any questions.

John Pope, CEO

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